Welcome to Julian’s books, home for all the literary activities of Julian Porter.  So what that means is, you get:



Literary criticism, analysis of individual books, philosophical essays about or inspired by literature, this is where it’s at.  Everything from an attempt to psychoanalyse Harley Quinn to an impassioned denunciation of Twilight.


Reviews of books that I have read and felt moved to comment on.  Given my somewhat catholic reading habits, it’s a bit random, from comics to philosophy to pure mathematics.

Original writing


How to describe my style?  Take P G Wodehouse, Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore, Jane Austen, Mel Brooks and Russ Meyer and see what you get.  So expect absurdist farce.  Something along the lines of The History of how Jeeves and Wooster went beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Part One.


This is the serious bit.  I’ve only recently started writing poetry, and my style is developing, but I think it’s quite interesting.

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