Review: Promethea: Book One

Promethea: Book One (Promethea, #1)Promethea: Book One by Alan Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let’s take this in stages. The plot is the beginnings of something fascinating: an exploration of the world beyond the merely physical, as experienced by the latest in a long line of avatars of an eternal superheroine. It’s the world of the imagination. An imagination where Little Red Riding Hood packs heat. But in addition to this basic idea (which is interesting enough) there are all kinds of separate strands: a real world where superheroes are a kind of reality TV show, where a depressed Gorilla is a media star, and so on. And where nasty villains cross back and forth between material and immaterial.

And then there’s the art-work. Which is stunning. The book gives up on the traditional grid of rectangles, and instead each page is an overall design, within which and around which the story is told. Much of the design is inspired by Greek and Egyptian art, but there are also homages to a range of other styles.

So, all in all, a beautiful piece of art work with a fascinating beginning for what I suspect is going to be a very complex story.

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