Review: Top Ten: 1

Top Ten: 1 (Book 1)Top Ten: 1 by Alan Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, so imagine that all the science-heroes (Alan Moore’s preferred term for superheroes) in the world have been gathered together in one city. So you have gods, people who can fly, robots who would make Gort look like a weakling, superintelligent animals, the works. And now imagine a police procedural set in this world. So everyone – cops and villains – is a science-hero. The captain is a former jet-pack man who decided he didn’t like heights; the sergeant is a talking dog, and so on and so forth.

Well, into this Moore throws the usual combination of cases, some of which are solved quickly, some stretching over several issues (and the main one carries over into book 2) and the usual tensions between slightly deranged cops. Only he also puts the spin of his unique sense of humour on the whole thing. So the annoying lawyer is, quite literally, a shark. Science-hero houses are infested with science-hero mice. And we learn the answer to the question of what do you do when Godzilla has a hang-over?

It’s all great fun, and Moore clearly cherishes both of the forms he has combined, producing a really great piece of work. Best line (in my opinion) – cop on arriving at a crime scene were some gods have managed to do something naughty: ‘Okay, I’m a policeman, nobody move in a mysterious way.’

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