This is by way of being my first ‘serious’ poem.  That is to say, I’ve written any quantity of light verse, indeed, a whole verse play, but that was a formal exercise.  This is the first time I’ve tried to say something that mattered to me.

It’s worth noting that in spite of this the piece is still pretty strictly constructed, so it consists of tetrameters arranged in rhyming couplets, as well as adhering to the classic 6 + 8 structure.  I do find that a strict structure actually aids composition.

After all that, here it is.  Please be kind.  As I said, it’s my first attempt, but it is about a subject that matters to me a lot.  So, without further ado:

A sonnet by Julian Porter

The problem’s not inside your head,
But with those who, too easily led
To judgement, cannot comprehend
That it’s them drives you round the bend,
With their falsely caring ways,
That turn to nightmare all the days.
Yet all they need’s the simple will
To not assume that mentally ill
Means mentally inept, or worse,
Which makes them unwisely averse
To give responsibility
To those of us, like you or me,
Who only want to do our bit,
And by doing become fit.


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