Review: Smax

SmaxSmax by Alan Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think it’s worth clearing up one point straight away. This is not intended as a piece of serious fiction, okay? So, it isn’t Watchmen (though Rorschach does make a cameo appearance, as does, wonderfully, Bill, the Galactic Hero) or V for Vendetta. This is Alan Moore having fun, and it is positively awesome. Dragons that look like giant pussy cats; illegal immigrant elves; reflections on just how boring it might have been to be a viking, and a masterful climactic homage to H P Lovecraft.

So, basically, what it is is a wonderful compendium of just about every foolish trope from fantasy fiction only satirised mercilessly. But it’s all right because, as it turns out, in the end what everyone needs is some good, honest science, and that understanding stellar evolution is more important, when it comes to dragon slaying, than any number of bulging muscles or even a sword that rather likes Abba. So take heart, scientists: it turns out we do rule, after all.

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