More from Power Girl

Oh no, not again

Yes, I’m afraid it is.  Having written somewhat exhaustively on the subject of Power Girl, everyone’s favourite over-endowed superheroine here and here, I have gone one stage further in contributing to her degradation.  I have committed fanfic upon her person.

That’s right, fanfic.  That is to say, 12,000 (ish) words of cheerfully doom-laden prose purporting to be the first-person narrative of a young woman who finds herself in a hospital and not entirely certain as to who she is.  She may be Kara Zor-L, or Karen Starr or Power Girl or one of a number of other individuals who appear to share her head with her.  And then, her cousin, a Mr Kent, turns up and discharges her and takes her home for some unclear reason.  And then, in a complex journey, she finally works out who she is.

The key thing about this is that it’s the narrative of someone with a rather childlike view on the world who just doesn’t comprehend her own powers, or how people work.  She starts out probably psychotic, and by the end she’s developed into a raging psychopath and possibly worse.  And yet she is still an innocent.  So it’s a study in morbid psychology and, though I say so myself, rather subtle.

What I’m trying to say is, I think this is the best thing I’ve ever written, and it’s a big breakthrough for me in maturity as a writer.  So I’d like to share it with you:


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