Lost Girl of Krypton

The Lost Girl

Oh noes!

I thought it worth mentioning that I have finally managed to achieve (self) published status with my story Lost Girl of Krypton, now available for Kindle (and Kindle reader application on PCs).  And it comes with an absolutely spiffing cover illustration by Kay Sluterbeck, which you can see on this very page.

What’s all this then?

Lost Girl of Krypton is a story narrated by a mentally disturbed young woman, who appears to have multiple personalities, and who clearly believes that she is Power Girl, and that people from the DC Universe (Superman, Lois Lane, Harley Quinn, the Huntress, Oracle) play a part in her life.  Whether any of this is true, or whether all the events she narrates are delusion, is left for the reader to determine.  She starts uncertain of her identity, and undertakes a journey of some sort, which leads her to a conclusion about who she is. 

It’s not an especially cheerful read, though there’s a lot of quite dark humour, but it is definitely the best thing I’ve written, and it is a deliberate attempt at using the whole superhero mythos, that I discussed in Superheroes in Myth, to do something complex, challenging and adult (in the sense of not childish).  And using superheroes, particularly one as liminal as Power Girl, as a way of exploring mental illness seemed a good thing to do.

The important bit

If you want to buy it (and see my lovely Amazon author page), then it is now available as a Kindle book from a variety of Amazon sites, in particular:


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