The New Star

Aliens in 1940s England!

The New Star Cover

Cover by Kay Slutebeck

Yes, I have now got round to publishing a Kindle copy of my story The New Star, which is a cheerful assault on all Angela Thirkell held most dear: a tale about how miserable it must have been to be an upper-class county wife in England in the 1940s, when men would rather make love to a horse than you, and there’s nothing to do except write bad poetry about suicide.  Until strange people from somewhere they call ‘Barnard’s Star’ arrive.  Their leader is a woman!  A strangely attractive woman!  One of them is green and has the wrong number of fingers!  They make people vanish with a ray!  What is a lady to do?

Or, as it says on Amazon:

Lydia Marsden is just another bored, frustrated upper-class wife in 1940s rural England who wishes her husband would make love to her occasionally. And then three visitors call on her husband. Foreigners. One of whom is green and has an unusual number of fingers. And all of whom seem singularly unaccustomed to the rules governing polite society. To the extent that their leader is a woman. And everything changes (if only because the housemaid was mysteriously disintegrated by some kind of ray). Lydia discovers the joys of sapphism. Her friend Clarissa experiments with xenophilia. And rural England will never be the same again.

This is a not-so-gentle satire on the English County culture chronicled by Angela Thirkell and the like, asking why should women have to live with a world in which the only options available to them were frustrated wife or servant? Why does it matter what the neighbours think? And what happens if you set a man with a cosh up against a man with a ray gun?

So how do I buy it?

I thought you’d never ask.  Wherever you can find Kindle books you can buy it.  Specifically:

It’s cheap, it’s quite funny, and there’s some spiffy cover art by Kay Sluterbeck.


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