Coming up


  • In Promethea Alan Moore attempted to unify all known European and Mediterranean religions with his own belief system.  I’m going to analyse it in terms of Neoplatonic philosophy to see how it stacks up.
  • The Invisibles is one of Grant Morrison‘s most important works, but it is largely incomprehensible, not helped by a chaotic process of composition.  I’m going to try to work out what’s going on, seeing if there is actually a coherent mythology / cosmology underpinning it all, or whether it really is just brilliant nonsense…


  • Lost Girl of Krypton is the narrative of a Power Girl who finds herself a patient in a mental hospital, with no memory and conflicting ideas as to who she is.  Somewhat serious.
  • Harley’s Big Adventure is the much more light-hearted tale of Harley Quinn  taking on more or less the entire DC Universe and winning.

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